The Community for the players of the Innovation driven Economy.

KeenHub is a community of selected eager people and companies that want to be engaged in the Innovation Driven Economy through a collaborative approach and open innovation frameworks.

We are inspired by the idea that enterprises want to tap into external innovation ecosystems to build businesses of tomorrow. Startups, researchers and freelancer want enterprise partners. It’s no longer efficient to rely solely on internal groups to innovate, companies are sourcing ideas and solutions from an extended community. We connect the two sides.

The “open” culture in the modern economic ecosystem in the driver of microeconomic and macroeconomic performances, we truly believe that:

  • The commons creates the value, the market captures the value.
  • Opening creates value, enclosing captures value.

Tamara Pupic says ““…The pace of technological disruption coupled with currently difficult economic conditions worldwide have levelled the playing field between large corporations and start-ups even more, urging both to come up with a more collaborative model that enables joint value creation …”.

KeenHub is for the people and for the organizations that are interested in understanding where technology is going and are aware that technology cannot be steered, it moves in autonomous and unpredictable ways. Organizations cannot be self-sufficient, their organizational and cultural capabilities must be designed for opening their limits to other players in order to be able to change faster, adapt faster, innovate better and understand better the competitive landscape.

 “Ideas truly do change the world, and management thinking unlocks value in every field, not only business”Michael Porter.

KeenHub supplies the needs of an eco-system where is easy to

  • Find opportunities of collaboration, share ideas and assets
  • Find trustworthy people with the same ambition
  • Answer the need of dialogue among companies, innovators and experts
  • Create a market for surplus knowledge, organizations (enterprises, start-ups, … ) and assets
  • Create awareness about innovation and entrepreneurship
  • When you contact someone on keenhub:
  • He/She accepts the «Open Door policy», his/her importance doesn’t care, you expect he will answer to your query, share with you advices etc.;
  • You know how to be introduced through a path of people that can guarantee for you and for him in terms of trustworthy and competences. All of them use their reputation for making networking or helping others to do things;
  • You know his professional value thanks to people that guarantee for him/her, endorse him, congratulate with him etc. all summed up in a single Reputational Score;
  • You know what are their opinions and interests and why he/she is on KeenHub (e.g. for new business opportunities, for sharing his knowledge with others, participate to new ventures, find support for a project) and what he wants to share (e.g. tangible assets, knowledge, network).

We supply the instruments, You provide the ambition

And We can’t wait to see you there!

KeenHub Team