All of us (people and organizations) are more confident in creating and curating relations based on proximity (e.g. within our business field or academic background).

Usually, we try to avoid to be exposed to new perspective, it’s perceived as a risk that has to be avoided. In other words, everyone is attracted by the comfort zone.


This behavior is reasonable but there is a hidden risk in terms of missing career and business opportunities.

But if your industry will have a downturn, having connections with other opportunity windows can help your career path or your company. Furthermore, some radical innovation in business and in the society are the outputs of contamination and cross-industry path of inspiration.


Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective.


Research suggests the companies with diverse boards experience better financial performance.

Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam highlights the importance of balancing both side of networking, bonding and bridging, proximity and diversity.


It’s not easy to carry out a networking strategy and mainly a networking strategy based on a balance between bonding and bridging, the mindset needed (for people and companies) is featured by curiosity and risk propensity.


It’s a cultural challenge. It’s a huge effort, it’s a long-term investment, but it’s worthwhile.


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